Mad Candy Privacy Policy

Overview of Privacy Policy

Greetings, Mad Candy, your game for mobile devices, is the ultimate gaming experience! As a developer, we realize that privacy and security a critical issues in the present digital world. We will take a look at the small details of creating the best privacy policy for Mad Candy in this article, so you can be sure your data is safe while playing the game. Whether it is user consent or data collection practices, we are the ones that help you. 

What is a Privacy Policy?

A privacy policy is a legal document that describes how a company handles the personal data of its users when they visit and use its services. 

Importance of Privacy Policies

Privacy policies are a very relevant issue to build trust and transparency between users and developers. They educate the users about the data ownership rules. 

Mad Candy Privacy Policy Overview

We have formulated a privacy policy to prevent any privacy breaches and to keep our players in confidence with us. It is meant to explain how we collect, use and protect your data when you are playing Mad Candy. 

User Consent

Definition of User Consent

User consent is the approval to use personal data by individuals for collection and processing of their personal information. 

Obtaining User Consent

User agreement is provided through the clear and conspicuous consent forms presented before accessing Mad Candy. 

Data Collection Practices

Types of Data Collected

We gather numerous types of data, which can be divided into two categories: personal data (e.g. name and email address), and device information and gameplay data. 

How Data is Collected

Data is obtained during registration by the users, through in-game interactions and via automated data collection mechanisms. 

Purpose of Data Collection

Collecting data helps to make the game more enjoyable, show individualized content and make our service better. 

Information Usage

How Information is Used

The information gathered is employed to personalize the gaming experience, communicate with players, and research the gameplay patterns. 

Sharing Information

We do not disclose user’s personal information to third parties without their consent unless legally obligated to do so. 

Limitations on Usage

We do not use personal information for unauthorized purposes described by our privacy policy and do not engage in data processing. 

Security Measures

Encryption and Data Security

We use the current industry standard encryption protocols and data security measures to secure the user data from third-party unauthorized access. 

Protection Against Unauthorized Access

Access to user data is granted only to authorized individuals, and regular security audits are conducted to find and mitigate any vulnerabilities. 

Regular Security Audits

We perform frequent security audits to guarantee that we comply with industry standards and to be on top of any security issues that may arise. 

GDPR Compliance

Understanding GDPR

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a data privacy regulation that encompasses the entire EU and is meant to protect the personal data of EU residents. 

Mad Candy’s Compliance with GDPR

We have made sure that the data of users is protected by GDPR requirements and have put in place the required measures. 

User Rights Under GDPR

GDPR has some provisions granting users the rights regarding their data such as the right to access, rectify, or delete their information. 

Cookie Policy

What are Cookies?

Cookies are small files with text information that are saved on a user’s computer and track web activity and preferences. 

How Mad Candy Uses Cookies

We use cookies to improve the user experience, track the website traffic and make personalized content. 

Cookie Preferences

Mad Candy allows users to control their cookie settings via the settings menu, such as turning off cookies that are not necessary for the operation of the app. 

Updates to Privacy Policy

Notification of Changes

We notify users of any amendments to our privacy policy using in-game notifications and email communication. 

Reviewing Policy Changes

A reminder to review our privacy policy regularly to be aware of how their data is gathered and applied to the users. 

Contact Information

How to Contact Mad Candy

For issues or queries related to the privacy policy, users can contact our support team via

Reporting Privacy Concerns

Users can resolve privacy issues and data breaches by reporting them to the dedicated privacy team, which will undertake a thorough investigation and resolve them. 


How often is Mad Candy’s privacy policy updated?

Our privacy policy is being revised and updated periodically to guarantee compliance with emerging regulations and standards. 

What measures does Mad Candy take to ensure data security?

We will use encryption, access controls and regular security audits to make sure that user data will not become a victim of unauthorized access or breaches. 

Can I access my data collected by Mad Candy?

Indeed, users under GDPR have the right to access, rectify, and delete personal data. 

How can I contact Mad Candy for privacy-related inquiries?

To ensure a privacy-related inquiry or concern, users can contact our support team at